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Group PT classes

Group Personal Training classes

Our Group PT classes run on:

Strength and Functional Fitness – Tuesday 7:45am

Strength and Functional Fitness – Friday 8:40am

Ladies Strength and Conditioning – Friday 9:30am

Please check our instagram page for any up to date announcements on these classes- Physio and Fitness (@reformphysioandfit) • Instagram photos and videos

Strength and Functional Fitness

In these classes Katie will equip you with the skills, confidence and strength to thrive in every aspect of your day-to-day life. Designed to enhance your everyday movements and elevate your overall fitness, this class goes beyond traditional workouts. Through a blend of strength training, mobility exercises, and functional movements, you’ll develop the strength, agility, and flexibility needed to conquer daily tasks with ease. Whether you’re lifting groceries, playing with your kids, or simply moving through life, our Strength and Functional Fitness Class will unlock your full potential in a supportive and empowering environment.


Ladies Strength and Conditioning

Similar to Strength and Functional Fitness but designed exclusively for women, this empowering workout experience blends strength training and conditioning exercises to sculpt lean muscle, boost metabolism, and enhance overall fitness. Led by our supportive instructor, Katie, each session is crafted to empower women of all fitness levels to reach their goals and unleash their inner strength.

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