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There are many different benefits to regularly practicing Pilates. Pilates aims to strengthen the body with a particular focus on core strength and stability. It can also improve general fitness and overall well being.

Pilates can be practiced by all people of all ages: the exercises can be adapted to suit all fitness levels and abilities ranging from beginners to athletes, and for those with certain medical conditions. Regular practitioners observe improvements in posture, balance, joint mobility and core strength. Pilates is said to aide the release of stress and tension, focusing on full-body strength and flexibility. It can be practiced alone, or works as an excellent complement to other forms of exercise.

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Pilates can be tailored to the exact needs of each individual: there are many different exercises with a myriad of modifications and progressions. Throughout each exercise and session, we aim towards an increase in both strength and length of muscles, working across a safe range of motion at each joint. This provides an excellent strong and supple framework that can meet the requirements of every day life.

Pilates develops the core – the deep muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvic floor, thereby providing strength and mobility to the back. This promotes excellent posture and increasing efficiency throughout movement patterns.

Through the practice of Pilates, we are able to develop a better mind-body connection. The key Pilates principles – centering, focus, concentration, control, breath, precision and flow – are concepts that we continually cover throughout each session to better assimilate body and mind, thereby improving the mind/muscle focus of each exercise.

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