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Lynsey Kourentis

Pilates / Yoga Instructor

Lynsey was first introduced to Yoga in 1997 at a small studio in Siena, Italy whilst studying for her language degree. She quickly fell in love with the practice.

Loving both Pilates and Yoga for their ability to calm and centre the mind as well as strengthen and align the body, Lynsey continued to practise during and after her pregnancies. She has four girls.

Following the birth of her 4th daughter and having appreciated the benefits Yoga and Pilates had offered Lynsey during each pregnancy, delivery and post natal recovery she wanted to help others find inner strength and resilience. She completed her Level 3 Mat work Pilates qualification with MK Pilates in 2016. She has since completed several specialist courses in Pelvic Floor Health and Post Natal Rehab.

More recently Lynsey has completed her Pregnancy Yoga teacher training in the LoveUYoga Birthing Method which is a unique and specialist method designed specifically to empower women to feel physically strong and mentally confident, calm and informed for the arrival of their baby.

Drawn more and more to teach Yoga as a way to heal the mind as well as a way of life Lynsey has continued her yoga journey and has completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher training with Fringe.Yoga.

Equally passionate about Yoga and Pilates Lynsey’s aim is to offer a range of classes, that allow each and every client to connect to their mind as well as their body and leave each class feeling stronger both physically and emotionally.

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