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What to Expect from a Yoga class at Reform

What to expect from a Yoga class

The definition of yoga is the union of body, mind and soul, or in other words, to yoke, to unite.

Our yoga classes at Reform are based on a style of yoga called Vinyasa, which ultimately means linking breath to movement, and is often referred to as ‘flow yoga’. This style of yoga is dynamic and more physically demanding than Hatha yoga.

The classes begin with a few moments of centering yourself.  Whether that’s laying on your back, or in child’s pose.  Just taking a minute or two to arrive on your mat and to drop your attention a little inward and come into your body. Lynsey will introduce the theme and intention of the class which will rotate week by week.

The classes are themed around the four elements, namely Earth, Water, Fire and Air which are associated with the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.

The chakras are spinning energy centres connected to different parts of the body and it is thought that when a chakra is over active, under active or blocked it can influence our physical and emotional well being, so we practice to find balance in both our body and mind.

Each chakra has a slightly different anatomical focus. It could be hip openers for the sacral chakra or spinal mobility and chest opening for the heart chakra but ultimately you will be working the whole body in each class.

The warm up will increase in intensity to prepare you for the rest of the class. It will include a combination of stretches, core activation and rotational movement. Some exercises will feel familiar if you have practiced Pilates before.

As in all her Pilates classes, Lynsey will cue correct alignment and breath throughout the yoga class to ensure correct muscle activation and core engagement to prevent injuries and to maximise the benefits of your practice.

The focus of the practice will depend on which chakra we are practicing that week, so for example lots of hip opening poses for the sacral chakra (water element), and the session will increase in intensity and pace. Our yoga classes are most definitely NOT just a stretch class, lots of breath work or lots of meditation. Expect some challenging postures, a dynamic flow and by the end of the class you will have had a whole body practice and be grateful for a few minutes of savasana (rest)!

In a world of constant distractions our yoga classes are an opportunity to work on the flow of movement and breath, improve your strength and flexibility, explore and deepen the connection between your mind and body.

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You can find us just outside of Saffron Walden, in little chesterford. Not too far from Cambridge.


Author: Lynsey Kourentis

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